How Much Do Golf Balls Cost?

Golf balls, an essential element of the sport, come with a diverse price range that can perplex even seasoned players. Typically, you’ll find them priced between $15 to $75 per dozen, influenced by factors like brand, construction, and materials. If you’re curious about why there’s such a variance and how it affects your game, keep […]

How Many Calories Do You Burn Playing A Round Of Golf?

Golf might seem like a leisurely game, but it’s actually a calorie-burning activity that can enhance your fitness. On average, golfers burn approximately 1,400 to 1,500 calories during an 18-hole round when walking and carrying their clubs. The exact number can vary depending on factors such as your weight, the course terrain, and how you […]

How Many Batteries Are There In A Golf Cart?

Golf carts typically run on 4 to 6 batteries, with the standard setup being either six 6-volt batteries for a 36-volt system or four 12-volt batteries for a 48-volt system. However, some models may house up to 8 batteries. To get the specifics for your cart, you’ll need to consider the voltage requirement and the […]

What Is The Standard Golf Club Length And Size?

The standard golf club length varies by type; drivers are typically 45 inches for men and slightly shorter for women, while putters range from 32 to 35 inches to suit individual stances. These measurements aren’t arbitrary—they’re designed to optimize your swing, distance, and accuracy. For a deeper dive into how these standards can affect your […]

Does Golf Galaxy Buy Used Clubs?

Looking to clear out the old clubs from your caddy? Golf Galaxy might just have the solution for you, albeit with a twist. While they don’t exchange used clubs for cash, they offer a trade-in program that rewards you with store credit for your next golf gear. So, in a direct sense, no, Golf Galaxy […]

Can You Wash Golf Gloves And What To Do If You Can’t

Wondering if you can give those trusty golf gloves a thorough clean without causing damage? Absolutely, you can wash them — with a gentle touch and the right technique. Keep those gloves in top-notch condition by following some simple guidelines we’ve got lined up. Stick around for the details, and let’s get those gloves looking […]

Can You Rent Golf Clubs?

Renting golf clubs is not only possible, but it’s also a breeze and quite the norm at many golf courses, driving ranges, and through specialized rental companies. In a nutshell, yes, you can absolutely rent golf clubs, often at a cost that’s kind to your wallet—perfect for both golfing newcomers and traveling enthusiasts. Keep reading […]

Can You Golf In The Rain?

Can you golf in the rain? Absolutely, you can. With the right gear and a few adjustments to your technique and strategy, not only is it possible to play golf in the rain, but you can also enjoy it and perform well. Keep reading for actionable tips on how to tackle wet weather on the […]

Are Wilson Golf Clubs Good For You?

If you’re eyeing those fairways and greens and wondering if Wilson golf clubs could be your partner in this journey, the short answer is yes. Renowned for their reliability and favored by everyone from beginners to seasoned pros, Wilson clubs offer a solid blend of affordability and performance. Curious about how they earn their stripes […]

Are Nitro Golf Balls Any Good?

Are Nitro golf balls any good? Absolutely, for the right golfer. They’re a solid pick for newbies or those playing for fun, offering a boost in distance without busting your wallet. But, they might not hit the mark for the pros seeking finesse and control. Stick around as we tee off into the nitty-gritty of […]