Are Kirkland Golf Balls Good: A Comprehensive Guide

Are Kirkland golf balls good? Yes, they are. Offering a blend of quality and affordability, Kirkland golf balls have emerged as a popular choice among golfers of all skill levels.

They deliver a commendable performance in terms of distance, spin, and feel. However, there's a lot more to unpack about these increasingly popular golf balls.

So, stay with us as we delve deeper into what makes Kirkland golf balls a worthy consideration for your next round.

The Rising Popularity of Kirkland Golf Balls

Golfing gear can be expensive, but every now and then, a brand like Kirkland comes along and flips the script.

Kirkland's golf balls have been making waves in the golfing world, attracting a loyal following. But what's behind this sudden rise in popularity? Let's dive in.

You might associate the name “Kirkland” with budget-friendly, wholesale items given its Costco roots.

Well, the same value-for-money principle extends to their golf balls.

These balls are sold in 24 packs, offering plenty of playtime for your dollar.

This is a breath of fresh air for golfers who often find themselves dredging water hazards or trawling underbrush in search of lost balls.

The performance of Kirkland golf balls has also contributed to their growing popularity.

According to various reviews, these balls deliver on distance and provide an adequate amount of spin for a wide range of golfers.

They also exhibit good longevity, and their durability stands up to the test, making them a great value for the price.

These golf balls are comparable to higher-end models, but they don't come with the hefty price tag, which has undoubtedly piqued the interest of many golfers.

Another factor is the Kirkland Signature Performance Plus golf ball, a three-piece urethane cover ball.

It offers a responsive putting feel, excellent greenside control, and long-lasting durability, all factors that golfers covet when deciding on their ideal golf ball.

The Performance Plus has boosted Kirkland's reputation, proving that a lower price does not necessarily mean lower quality.

Finally, the success of the Kirkland golf balls can also be attributed to the golfing community itself.

As golfers share their positive experiences with Kirkland balls, more and more golfers are tempted to give them a try.

The community-driven buzz around Kirkland golf balls has certainly played a big part in their rising popularity.

What Makes Kirkland Golf Balls Stand Out

In a marketplace teeming with various golf ball brands, Kirkland golf balls carve out their unique niche.

Let's discuss what differentiates Kirkland golf balls from the rest and why they might be the next best addition to your golf bag.

Firstly, Kirkland golf balls offer an irresistible value-for-money proposition.

It's not every day that you find a golf ball providing a performance comparable to premium brands at a fraction of the cost.

The pricing of Kirkland golf balls is particularly appealing to the average golfer, who may not want (or be able) to splurge on high-end golf balls regularly.

But don't mistake their affordability for inferior quality.

These balls hold their own when it comes to distance, spin, and durability, standing up to the rigors of the golf course just as well as their pricier counterparts.

The way Kirkland packages their golf balls also sets them apart.

Sold in packs of 24, these balls cater perfectly to golfers who have a tendency to lose balls during their rounds.

The generous quantity ensures you'll have plenty of backup balls on hand, even if a few find their way into water hazards or disappear in the rough.

Plus, the bulk packaging aligns with the ethos of Costco, Kirkland's parent company, known for its value-packed, bulk products.

Moreover, Kirkland golf balls cater to a wide spectrum of golfers.

Whether you're a beginner still getting a feel for the game or a seasoned pro looking for consistent performance, Kirkland has you covered.

Their golf balls offer a good balance of distance and spin, which can help improve your overall game.

And the durable design means they can withstand plenty of play, no matter your swing speed or style.

Kirkland's Signature Performance Plus golf ball, a three-piece urethane cover ball, is a standout product.

This ball provides a responsive putting feel, excellent greenside control, and greater durability, factors that are particularly prized by golfers looking for precision and control in their game.

Reviewing the Performance of Kirkland Golf Balls

Performance is the true test of a golf ball's worth. How do Kirkland golf balls stack up when it comes to distance, spin, energy transfer, and feel on the greens?

Moreover, how do they compare to leading golf balls in the market? Let's sift through the noise and dig into what matters most – performance.


One of the key attributes that golfers look for in a golf ball is distance.

According to multiple reviews, Kirkland golf balls impress in this regard.

These balls deliver admirable distance, irrespective of the club used.

Whether you're swinging your driver or are closer to the green with your irons, Kirkland golf balls tend to fly far and true.


Spin control is another crucial aspect. An ideal golf ball provides sufficient spin for control but not so much that it becomes unmanageable.

Kirkland golf balls hit a good balance here.

They offer a decent amount of spin, enough for golfers to shape their shots effectively.

However, some reviews do note that Kirkland golf balls may not be the highest-spinning balls inside of 100 yards.

It's a minor concession, especially considering their overall performance and cost.

Energy Transfer

Energy transfer refers to how efficiently a golf ball converts your swing's power into distance.

In this area, Kirkland golf balls shine.

Their multi-layered design ensures efficient energy transfer, helping to optimize the ball's trajectory and speed.

This can be particularly helpful for golfers who might not have the fastest swing speeds but still want to maximize their distance.

Feel on the Greens

Feel is a subjective aspect and varies from golfer to golfer.

That said, the Kirkland Signature Performance Plus golf ball has earned praise for its responsive putting feel and excellent greenside control.

The three-piece urethane cover ball offers a pleasing softness and responsiveness when putting, which can enhance precision on the greens.

Comparison with Leading Golf Balls

It's been noted that Kirkland golf balls perform surprisingly well when compared to leading golf balls in the market.

They offer comparable distance, energy transfer, and a good amount of spin, making them a strong contender.

However, it's important to note that while Kirkland golf balls may not outshine the highest-end golf balls in every single aspect, their overall performance considering their price point is truly commendable.

Understanding the Kirkland Signature Performance Plus Golf Ball

One product that stands out in Kirkland's golf ball line is the Signature Performance Plus.

But what makes this particular golf ball so special? Let's dig into its unique features, from its responsive putting feel and excellent greenside control to its durability.

The Kirkland Signature Performance Plus golf ball is a three-piece golf ball with a urethane cover.

Urethane, a common material in premium golf balls, is known for its softer feel and ability to generate more spin, especially around the greens.

It's a material that caters well to golfers who value precision and control in their game.

When it comes to putting feel, the Signature Performance Plus doesn't disappoint.

This ball is often praised for its responsive feel on the greens, a quality that can greatly enhance a golfer's control during those crucial putts.

The softness and feedback provided by this ball can help golfers gauge their putting strength more accurately, potentially leading to more successful putts.

The excellent greenside control of the Signature Performance Plus is another standout feature.

With its adequate spin and the precision it offers, this ball allows golfers to execute more aggressive approach shots and chips around the green.

Whether you're trying to stick it close from the fringe or control your ball's roll from a bunker, this ball can make those tricky shots a bit more manageable.

Durability is another area where the Signature Performance Plus shines. Golf balls, especially those with softer covers like urethane, can often be prone to cuts and scuffs from rough contacts or mishits.

However, Kirkland's offering boasts of a durable design that can withstand the rigors of a golf round, keeping its shape and maintaining performance even after multiple hits.

The Signature Performance Plus is also known for its stable flight and consistent distance, thanks to its aerodynamic design and energy transfer efficiency.

This means golfers can expect a reliable and predictable performance from tee to green.

Kirkland Golf Balls: The Ideal Choice for Every Skill Level?

Golf is a game that caters to a diverse range of skill levels, from absolute beginners to seasoned professionals.

But can a single brand of golf balls, such as Kirkland, be the ideal choice for every level?

Let's evaluate Kirkland golf balls across various skill levels and see how they stack up.

Beginners and High Handicappers

For beginners and high handicappers, the main priority is often to develop a consistent swing and gain control over the ball's direction.

At this stage, losing golf balls is a common occurrence.

Thus, an affordable, durable golf ball like Kirkland is an excellent choice.

The bulk packaging of 24 balls is a boon for beginners who are likely to lose more balls during their rounds.

The decent distance and spin provided by Kirkland golf balls can also help beginners get a feel for the game without feeling overwhelmed.

Intermediate Golfers

Intermediate golfers typically have a more consistent swing and have begun to understand their playing style and preferences.

Kirkland golf balls, particularly the Signature Performance Plus, offer a good balance of distance, spin, and control that caters well to this skill level.

The urethane cover and three-piece design provide a level of responsiveness and greenside control that can help intermediate players refine their game.

Advanced and Low Handicappers

Advanced golfers and low handicappers often seek golf balls that offer high levels of control and precision.

Kirkland's Signature Performance Plus can be a worthy contender, given its urethane cover, responsive putting feel, and excellent greenside control.

However, some advanced players may find that Kirkland golf balls might not offer as much spin inside 100 yards compared to some higher-end balls.

While this is a nuanced aspect that might affect only a subset of low-handicap players, it's worth considering.

Professional Golfers

For professionals, even the smallest differences in performance can make a significant impact.

While Kirkland golf balls offer impressive performance given their price point, professional golfers may still lean towards specialized golf balls that align perfectly with their unique swing characteristics and playing style.

Yet, it's not unheard of for professional players to use Kirkland golf balls for practice rounds, given their excellent value for money.


In a nutshell, Kirkland golf balls present a compelling blend of affordability, quality, and performance that caters to a wide range of golfers.

While they might not outshine premium brands in every aspect, their comprehensive offering makes them a solid choice for those seeking value and reliability.

From the beginner losing balls to the pro seeking consistent performance, Kirkland delivers a golf ball that deserves a swing.

Dive deeper into their offering; you might just find your new golf companion.