How Many Golf Courses Are There In Florida?

Florida, also known as the golf capital of the world, boasts a whopping 1,250 golf courses.

With Palm Beach County leading with over 160 courses, and Naples offering around 92, Florida far surpasses even Scotland, the birthplace of golf.

Stick around, we're about to embark on an in-depth exploration of Florida's fascinating golf landscape.

Exploring the Vast Number of Golf Courses in Florida

There's a reason why Florida has been dubbed the golf capital of the world.

With a plethora of golf courses stretching from its sun-kissed coasts to its lush inland regions, the state offers something for every golf enthusiast.

Let's take a closer look at the sheer number of these golfing havens and how they contribute to Florida's global reputation.

Total Number of Golf Courses in Florida

If you thought your local country club had an impressive number of golf courses, you might want to sit down for this.

Florida is home to more than 1,250 golf courses! You heard that right.

Each of these courses presents unique challenges, scenic beauty, and experiences that cater to all skill levels.

Whether you're an amateur picking up your first golf club or a seasoned professional honing your skills, there's a golf course in Florida waiting to offer you an unforgettable golfing adventure.

Golf is so woven into the fabric of Florida that you'll find golf courses everywhere, from the heart of bustling cities to quiet beach towns.

Palm Beach County alone is home to over 160 golf courses, making it the county with the highest number of golf courses in the entire US.

Not to be left out, Naples prides itself on hosting approximately 92 golf courses, most of which are 18-hole courses.

The Role These Courses Play in Florida's Reputation

Golf isn't just a pastime in Florida; it's a way of life.

These 1,250 plus golf courses significantly contribute to the state's reputation both nationally and internationally.

Known as the golf capital of the world, Florida's diverse selection of golf courses attracts millions of golfers each year, making golf tourism a crucial component of the state's economy.

Florida golf courses aren't just numerous; they're world-class.

Many of them have been designed by legendary golf architects and players like Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer.

They've played host to major golfing events such as The Players Championship and the Honda Classic.

These events shine a global spotlight on Florida, solidifying its reputation as a premier golfing destination.

Moreover, Florida's golf courses contribute to the state's allure for retirees and people looking for vacation homes.

They're not just places to play golf; they're community hubs where friendships are forged, business deals are made, and lifelong memories are created.

A Closer Look at Palm Beach County

A golfer's paradise awaits in Palm Beach County, a place teeming with green fairways and stunning golf landscapes.

It's not just about the number of golf courses here; it's also about their quality and the experiences they offer.

Let's delve deeper into what makes Palm Beach County an extraordinary destination for every golf enthusiast.

Palm Beach County: The County with the Most Golf Courses in the US

Palm Beach County stands tall in the golfing world with an astonishing number of golf courses—over 160, making it the county with the most golf courses in the entire United States.

These courses range from private, exclusive clubs to public courses, catering to golfers of all skill levels and preferences.

Just to paint a picture of how golf-centric this place is: if you were to play a different course every day, you would still need almost half a year to experience all the golf courses in Palm Beach County.

It's no wonder this county has become a sought-after destination for golf tournaments and golf vacations.

Features that Make Palm Beach County's Courses Stand Out

But what makes these courses stand out isn't just the sheer quantity—it's the quality and the diversity they offer.

From courses with sweeping ocean views to those surrounded by Florida's distinct wetlands and wildlife, golfing in Palm Beach County is more than just a game—it's an experience.

Several courses have been designed by the golfing greats, offering unique challenges and layouts that test every facet of a golfer's skills.

The famed PGA National Resort, for instance, houses five tournament-ready courses, including The Champion, which hosts the annual Honda Classic.

And let's not forget the amenities that accompany these courses.

Many are part of luxurious resorts or country clubs offering top-notch facilities—think pro shops stocked with the latest gear, golf academies with professional instructors, high-end dining options, and relaxing spas.

The Golfing Paradise of Naples, Florida

Welcome to Naples, Florida—a place where the sun, sand, and golf come together to create a golfer's dream.

It's not just about the beaches and the beautiful sunsets here; the golf courses are equally breathtaking.

Let's tee off and discover the extensive selection and unique features of golf courses in Naples.

The Extensive Selection of Golf Courses in Naples

Home to approximately 92 golf courses, Naples offers a rich variety of golfing experiences.

And it's not just about the numbers—it's about diversity.

Naples has everything from high-end private clubs that require a membership to public courses that welcome anyone looking to play a round or two.

With a third of these golf courses open to the public, Naples ensures that everyone, from beginners to pros, locals to tourists, can enjoy its golfing riches.

Many of these are full 18-hole courses, offering an entire day's worth of challenges and enjoyment.

Unique Features of Naples' Golf Courses

Every golf course in Naples has a distinct character.

Some courses, like Tiburón Golf Club, are designed by golf legends such as Greg Norman.

These courses are meticulously crafted, offering strategic challenges that make each hole a unique experience.

Tiburón Golf Club is also home to the LPGA Tour's CME Group Tour Championship and the PGA TOUR's QBE Shootout, bringing professional golfing action right to Naples' doorstep.

Many courses are nestled in beautiful natural settings, blending Florida's unique landscape into their design.

You'll find courses bordered by nature preserves, offering serene views of native wildlife as you walk the fairways.

Others offer views of the Gulf of Mexico, allowing you to enjoy a spectacular sunset as you finish your round.

Moreover, these golf courses are part of communities offering luxury accommodations, top-tier dining experiences, and other amenities like tennis courts and swimming pools.

Additionally, Naples' golf courses are meticulously maintained, offering pristine greens and fairways that ensure a pleasant golfing experience.

Florida vs. Scotland: A Comparison of Golf Courses

Though Scotland is the birthplace of golf, Florida now takes center stage when it comes to the sheer number of golf courses.

Let's take a fascinating journey comparing these two golfing heavyweights, exploring not only the quantity of golf courses but also the factors contributing to Florida's golfing prominence.

Number of Golf Courses: Florida vs Scotland

While Scotland is steeped in golfing history and hosts some of the most famous courses in the world, it's Florida that leads in terms of sheer volume.

Florida boasts over 1,250 golf courses—that's more than double the number of courses you'll find in Scotland!

This is an impressive feat, especially when you consider that Scotland is widely known as the home of golf.

Yet, Florida's dedication to the sport, its golf-friendly landscape, and the attractive climate have all combined to create a golf haven with more courses than anywhere else.

Factors Contributing to Florida's Higher Number of Golf Courses

So, what factors contribute to Florida having more than double the number of golf courses as Scotland?

There are a few key reasons.

  1. Climate: Florida's warm, tropical climate means golf can be played year-round. In contrast, Scotland's weather can be less predictable and sometimes harsh, limiting the golfing season.
  2. Landscape: Florida's flat terrain is ideal for constructing golf courses. This, coupled with the state's natural beauty—from its palm-fringed coasts to its inland wetlands—provides stunning backdrops for golf courses.
  3. Population and Tourism: Florida's population is about four times that of Scotland, and it receives over 100 million tourists annually. This high influx of residents and tourists creates a huge demand for golf courses.
  4. Golf-centric Communities: Many of Florida's golf courses are integrated into residential communities. These golf communities are attractive to retirees and those seeking vacation homes, further driving the demand for more courses.
  5. Economic Factors: Golf is big business in Florida. It drives tourism, stimulates real estate development, and creates jobs. The state has recognized this and encourages the growth of golf courses.

The Role of Golf in Florida's Economy and Culture

In Florida, golf is more than just a sport or a pastime; it's a significant contributor to the state's economy and an essential part of its culture.

Let's delve into the ways in which golf impacts the Sunshine State, from boosting its economy to shaping social interactions.

Economic Contribution of Golf Courses

Golf is a major economic driver in Florida, contributing billions of dollars to the state's economy each year. Here's how:

  1. Golf Tourism: With over 1,250 golf courses, Florida attracts millions of golf tourists from around the world. These tourists spend money not only on golf but also on lodging, dining, and other attractions, injecting significant revenue into the local economy.
  2. Golf-Related Businesses: Florida's golf industry supports a wide range of businesses, from golf equipment shops and golfing schools to landscaping companies that maintain the courses. These businesses create jobs and contribute to the state's revenue.
  3. Real Estate Development: Many of Florida's golf courses are part of golf communities, where homes are often built around the golf course. These communities are highly sought after, driving real estate sales and prices.
  4. Hosting Tournaments: Florida hosts several professional golf tournaments that draw spectators, media, and sponsors. These events stimulate the local economy, generate tax revenue, and increase visibility for the state.

The Social Impact of Golf in Florida

In addition to its economic impact, golf plays a significant role in Florida's culture and society.

  1. Community Building: Golf courses serve as communal spaces where people gather, socialize, and form connections. They foster a sense of community, especially in golf-centric residential areas.
  2. Health and Wellbeing: Golfing is an outdoor activity that encourages physical fitness and mental wellbeing. It's a sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, promoting an active lifestyle.
  3. Charitable Activities: Many golf tournaments and events in Florida are tied to charitable causes, raising funds for various organizations and initiatives.
  4. Environmental Conservation: Many golf courses in Florida are designed with environmental sustainability in mind. They provide green spaces and often serve as habitats for local wildlife.


Florida is truly a golfer's paradise, with its diverse range of over 1,250 golf courses that cater to every skill level and preference.

Its rich golfing scene is not just about providing ample playing opportunities—it's a vital part of the state's economy and social fabric.

From the stunning courses in Palm Beach County and Naples to the state's competitive edge over Scotland, golf in Florida is a blend of quantity, quality, and a whole lot of passion.

So whether you're a seasoned golfer or a newbie, there's always a place for you on Florida's lush fairways. Come, experience the magic of Florida golf!