The Alotian Golf Club: Everything You Need To Know

The Alotian Golf Club in Roland, Arkansas, is renowned for its exclusive membership, world-class design by Tom Fazio, and top-tier facilities.

Keep reading for a detailed look into what makes The Alotian Golf Club one of the premier golfing destinations in the United States.

Overview and Design

The Alotian Golf Club stands out not only for its exclusivity but also for its meticulously crafted design and stunning location.

Here’s a detailed look at what makes this course a masterpiece.

Location and Terrain

Nestled in the hilly terrain of Roland, Arkansas, The Alotian Golf Club benefits from a scenic and tranquil setting.

Roland is a small community located near Little Rock, providing a peaceful retreat while still being accessible from the state’s capital.

The region’s natural topography, with its rolling hills and lush greenery, creates an ideal backdrop for a world-class golf course.

Architectural Design

The Alotian Golf Club was designed by Tom Fazio, one of the most renowned golf course architects in the world.

Fazio's vision for Alotian was inspired by the legendary Augusta National Golf Club.

This influence is evident in several design aspects, such as the wide landing areas that allow for strategic play and the short grass surrounding the greens, which provides challenging but fair recovery shots.

Fazio’s design at Alotian incorporates natural elevation changes and breathtaking views, enhancing both the beauty and the complexity of the course.

His attention to detail ensures that each hole offers a unique challenge, making the course enjoyable for both amateur and professional golfers.

Course Layout

The Alotian Club is an 18-hole, par 72 course that stretches up to 7,405 yards.

Each hole is meticulously designed to blend seamlessly with the natural landscape, featuring dramatic elevation changes that add both aesthetic appeal and strategic depth.

The course’s layout ensures that players must carefully consider their club selection and approach shots.

One of the standout features of Alotian is its use of Zoysia fairways and Bentgrass greens.

Zoysia grass is known for its durability and fine texture, providing a perfect playing surface.

Bentgrass greens, maintained to perfection, offer smooth and consistent putting conditions.

To maintain these optimal conditions, the course is equipped with an advanced underground temperature regulation system.

This system ensures that the greens remain at the ideal temperature throughout the year, regardless of external weather conditions, preserving their pristine quality.

Membership and Accessibility

The Alotian Golf Club is not just known for its stunning design and picturesque location but also for its exclusivity and top-tier facilities.

Here’s a detailed look into what it takes to become a member and the amenities that await those who do.

Exclusivity and Membership

The Alotian Golf Club maintains a high level of exclusivity, with membership available by invitation only.

This selective process ensures that the club's community consists of individuals who share a passion for golf and possess the means to enjoy such a prestigious membership.

The criteria for membership are not publicly disclosed, adding to the mystique and allure of the club.

However, it is understood that prospective members are typically well-established individuals with significant resources, often with influential social or business connections.

The invitation-only policy means that becoming a member of The Alotian Club is as much about who you know as it is about your love for the game.

This exclusivity ensures a private and intimate environment where members can enjoy the club’s facilities without the distractions or overcrowding found at more public courses.

Facilities and Amenities

The Alotian Club offers an array of world-class facilities designed to enhance the golfing experience and provide members with luxurious comfort.

The clubhouse is a central hub, featuring elegant dining options, comfortable lounges, and spaces for socializing and events.

It provides a perfect setting for members to relax after a round of golf or entertain guests in a refined atmosphere.

Adjacent to the clubhouse, the pro shop is stocked with high-quality golfing equipment, apparel, and accessories.

The shop's staff are knowledgeable and can provide expert advice on the best gear to suit each member’s needs, ensuring that all players are well-equipped for their game.

The club also boasts extensive practice areas, including a driving range and various short-game facilities.

These areas are meticulously maintained to offer the same high standards as the main course, allowing members to practice and refine their skills in an optimal environment.

One of the standout features of The Alotian Club is its use of cutting-edge technology to maintain the greens.

The advanced underground temperature regulation system keeps the greens in perfect condition year-round, regardless of external weather conditions.

This system ensures that members can enjoy top-quality playing conditions at any time, making every round of golf a truly exceptional experience.

History and Prestige

The Alotian Golf Club’s rich history and esteemed reputation contribute significantly to its allure.

Understanding its origins and accolades provides insight into why it stands as a beacon of golfing excellence.

Founding and Vision

The Alotian Golf Club was founded in 2004 by Warren A. Stephens, a prominent financier and avid golfer.

Inspired by his membership at Augusta National, Stephens sought to create a similarly prestigious golfing venue in his home state of Arkansas.

His vision was to offer a world-class golfing experience that would attract enthusiasts from across the country while providing a serene and luxurious environment for its members.

Stephens' commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of the club, from its meticulously designed course to its state-of-the-art facilities.

He aimed to build a club that not only rivaled the best in the country but also brought a new level of prestige to Arkansas's golfing scene.

Rankings and Recognition

Since its inception, The Alotian Golf Club has garnered significant acclaim within the golfing community.

It has been consistently ranked among the top 100 golf courses in the United States by Golf Digest since 2011, a testament to its outstanding design and maintenance.

The club achieved a remarkable accolade in 2005 when it was named the best new private course in the country.

These honors reflect the club's commitment to providing an exceptional golfing experience and maintaining the highest standards of quality.

The recognition from Golf Digest and other prestigious rankings highlights The Alotian Club's status as a premier destination for golfers.

Its consistent presence in these rankings underscores the club's dedication to excellence and its ability to stand out among other elite courses.

Cultural Impact

The establishment of The Alotian Golf Club has had a profound impact on Arkansas's golfing reputation.

Before Alotian, the state was not widely recognized as a destination for top-tier golf.

However, the club's creation has put Arkansas on the map, attracting attention from golfers and enthusiasts nationwide.

The Alotian Club's success has also spurred interest in the development of other high-quality courses in the region, contributing to a growing appreciation for golf in Arkansas.

This ripple effect has enhanced the state's reputation within the broader golfing community and fostered a culture of excellence in course design and maintenance.

When compared to other prestigious golf clubs in the USA, The Alotian Golf Club holds its own through its unique combination of natural beauty, meticulous design, and exclusive membership.

It stands alongside iconic courses like Augusta National and Pinehurst, offering a similarly world-class experience while carving out its distinct identity in the golfing world.

Events and Tournaments

The Alotian Golf Club is not only known for its stunning course and exclusive membership but also for hosting several high-profile events and tournaments.

These events contribute significantly to the club's prestige and offer members and participants a chance to experience competitive golf at its finest.

Notable Tournaments

The Alotian Golf Club has a rich history of hosting notable tournaments that attract top talent from around the world.

  • Western Amateur (2013): One of the most prestigious amateur tournaments in the United States, the Western Amateur, was held at The Alotian Club in 2013. This event is known for its challenging format and competitive field, drawing some of the best amateur golfers globally.
  • Arnold Palmer Cup (2019): In 2019, The Alotian Club hosted the Arnold Palmer Cup, a collegiate event that features top college golfers from the United States competing against their international counterparts. This tournament fosters camaraderie and showcases emerging talent in the golfing world.
  • Annual Alotian Invitational: The club hosts the Alotian Invitational annually, an exclusive amateur tournament that brings together top amateur golfers. This event is known for its competitive spirit and the opportunity it provides for amateur golfers to play on a world-class course.
  • Jack Stephens Cup: Named in honor of Warren Stephens' father, the Jack Stephens Cup is a collegiate event that highlights some of the best young golfers from various universities. This tournament not only honors the legacy of Jack Stephens but also promotes collegiate golf at a high level.

Event Highlights

Each of these events brings its unique significance and impact on the golfing community.

  • Western Amateur (2013): Hosting the Western Amateur solidified The Alotian Club's reputation as a premier venue for amateur golf. The tournament’s challenging format, which includes stroke play followed by match play, tested the skills of all participants and highlighted the course's strategic design.
  • Arnold Palmer Cup (2019): The Arnold Palmer Cup's international format emphasized the global nature of golf and provided a platform for collegiate golfers to compete at a high level. The event at Alotian allowed players to experience the course's unique challenges and scenic beauty, enhancing their competitive experience.
  • Annual Alotian Invitational: The Invitational serves as a key event for amateur golfers, offering them a chance to compete in a prestigious setting. This tournament reinforces the club's commitment to promoting amateur golf and providing a top-tier competitive environment.
  • Jack Stephens Cup: By hosting the Jack Stephens Cup, The Alotian Club not only honors a significant figure in its history but also supports the growth of collegiate golf. The event fosters competition among young golfers and provides them with the experience of playing on a world-class course.

Playing the Course

Playing at The Alotian Golf Club offers a unique and challenging experience that requires strategic thinking and careful planning.

Here’s everything you need to know to make the most of your game on this prestigious course.

Course Strategy

Navigating The Alotian Golf Club’s challenging layout requires a thoughtful approach.

The course’s design, with its dramatic elevation changes and wide landing areas, calls for precise club selection and a keen awareness of wind patterns.

One of the key strategies is to focus on placement rather than distance.

The wide fairways offer generous landing zones, but strategic positioning is crucial for setting up the best approach shots to the greens.

Understanding the course's elevation changes can significantly impact your club choice.

For example, uphill shots may require more club to reach the desired distance, while downhill shots might need less.

Wind patterns at The Alotian can be unpredictable due to the hilly terrain.

Paying close attention to the wind direction and strength can make a significant difference in your shot accuracy.

It’s advisable to spend some time on the practice range before your round to get a feel for the day's wind conditions.

Additionally, the greens at The Alotian are known for their speed and undulation.

Approaching the greens with caution and aiming for the correct side can help avoid difficult putts.

Familiarizing yourself with the green contours during a practice round can provide a competitive edge.

Minimizing Penalty Areas

The Alotian Golf Club’s design minimizes traditional penalty areas like water hazards and bunkers, focusing instead on the natural landscape to challenge golfers.

To play effectively, it’s essential to leverage the course design to your advantage.

The key is to embrace the natural contours and use the rolling terrain to guide your shots.

For instance, many fairways slope in specific directions, which can be used to position your ball favorably.

Knowing where to aim to take advantage of these slopes can help keep the ball in play and set up better approach shots.

When faced with the short grass areas around the greens, consider using a variety of clubs depending on the lie and distance to the pin.

These areas offer numerous recovery shot options, from bump-and-runs to flop shots.

Practicing different techniques will help you become more versatile and confident in these situations.

Staying out of trouble also means playing within your limits. Instead of attempting risky shots, aim for the safer parts of the fairways and greens.

Conservative play can often lead to better scores by avoiding unnecessary penalties and keeping the ball in play.


The Alotian Golf Club stands as a premier golfing destination, known for its exclusive membership, impeccable design by Tom Fazio, and top-tier facilities.

Its rich history, prestigious events, and strategic course layout make it a standout in the world of golf.

Whether you’re navigating its challenging terrain or enjoying its luxurious amenities, The Alotian offers an unparalleled golfing experience.