Does Dick’s Sporting Goods Regrip Golf Clubs

Are you wondering if Dick's Sporting Goods offers regripping services for your golf clubs? The answer is yes.

At Dick's Sporting Goods, you can get your clubs expertly regripped with a variety of grip options to suit your style and preference. The process takes about an hour, with additional drying time.

For a more detailed look into their services, costs, and what to expect, keep reading as we dive deeper into everything you need to know about regripping your golf clubs at Dick's Sporting Goods.

Overview of Regripping Services at Dick's Sporting Goods

When it comes to enhancing your golf game, the grip of your clubs plays a pivotal role.

At Dick's Sporting Goods, the regripping services they offer are comprehensive, designed to cater to the specific needs and preferences of every golfer.

Whether you're a seasoned player or new to the sport, understanding the depth of their services can help you make informed decisions for your golfing equipment.

Description of the Regripping Process

The regripping process at Dick's Sporting Goods is a meticulous and detailed service.

When you bring your clubs in, trained professionals assess the current condition of your grips.

They then carefully remove the old grips, clean the handle area, and prepare it for the new grip installation.

Precision is key during this phase to ensure that the new grips align correctly and fit snugly.

The new grip is then applied, usually with a specialized adhesive and tape, and is adjusted to ensure a perfect fit.

This process generally takes about an hour.

After regripping, the clubs need an additional 4-8 hours to dry and cure properly. It's this attention to detail and precision that makes the service stand out.

Variety of Grip Options Available

The selection of grips at Dick's Sporting Goods is quite extensive, catering to a wide range of preferences and requirements.

They offer grips in various materials, including rubber, corded, and synthetic combinations, each offering different levels of feel and traction.

Size is another crucial factor, and they provide options from junior to jumbo grips, ensuring that every golfer finds the right fit for their hands.

Texture and pattern are also considered, with choices ranging from smooth to aggressively patterned grips, affecting the grip's feel and the player's control over the club.

This variety not only enhances the comfort and performance of the golfer but also allows for personalization according to individual style and preference.

The Expertise of the Staff at Dick's Sporting Goods

The staff handling the regripping services at Dick's Sporting Goods are often trained and knowledgeable.

Many have a background in sports equipment handling, and some are avid golfers themselves, which adds to their understanding of the sport's needs.

However, it's important to note that the level of expertise can vary from store to store.

In some cases, customers might find the staff less knowledgeable about specific golfing needs compared to specialized golf shops.

Therefore, it's advisable for customers to have a brief discussion with the staff member who will be handling their clubs.

This conversation can provide insight into their level of expertise and assure you of the quality of service your clubs will receive.

Cost and Payment Options

Navigating the cost and payment options for regripping golf clubs at Dick's Sporting Goods is an essential part of the process.

Understanding the financial aspect helps you budget accordingly and make informed choices about where to get your clubs regripped.

Average Price Range for Regripping Per Club

The cost of regripping golf clubs at Dick's Sporting Goods typically falls between $8 and $15 per club.

This price can vary depending on the type of grip you choose.

The more premium grips, which often offer better feel or durability, tend to be at the higher end of this price range.

It's important to remember that this cost includes both the grip itself and the service of applying it.

The store often runs promotions or discounts, especially during off-peak seasons, so it might be beneficial to look out for these opportunities to save some money.

Using Externally Purchased Grips

One unique aspect of Dick's Sporting Goods' service is that they allow customers to bring in grips purchased elsewhere for installation.

This option can be particularly appealing if you have a specific grip in mind that is not available in their inventory or if you've found a better deal elsewhere.

However, it's important to consider that while they will charge for the service of applying the grip, the total cost might still be lower or similar to buying the grip directly from them.

This flexibility is a significant advantage for those who prefer customizing their clubs to a greater extent.

Comparing Costs with Other Service Providers

When comparing the regripping costs at Dick's Sporting Goods with other providers like local pro shops, golf-specialized stores (like PGA Superstore or Golf Galaxy), or even considering DIY options, it's essential to look at both the cost of the grips and the service.

Local pro shops and specialized golf stores might offer a slightly different range of grip options, sometimes at varying price points.

Their service fees could also differ. DIY regripping, on the other hand, requires purchasing the necessary tools and grips, but saves on the service cost.

However, it requires time and skill to do it correctly.

Alternative Regripping Services

Exploring alternative regripping services is crucial for golfers who want to ensure they are making the best choice for their equipment.

While Dick's Sporting Goods offers comprehensive services, comparing them with local pro shops, specialized golf stores, and even DIY options can provide a broader perspective.

This comparison not only highlights different service qualities but also helps in identifying the most suitable regripping solution for individual needs.

Comparison with Local Pro Shops and Golf-Specialized Stores

Local pro shops and golf-specialized stores like the PGA Superstore or Golf Galaxy present a viable alternative to Dick's Sporting Goods.

These establishments often boast a high level of golf-specific expertise, potentially offering more personalized advice and services.

The staff in these shops are typically very knowledgeable about golf and can provide insights into the latest trends and products in golf grips.

Moreover, these stores might have a more extensive or specialized selection of grips, catering to more specific requirements or preferences.

In terms of pricing, local pro shops and specialized stores may have different pricing structures.

While some might offer competitive prices similar to Dick's Sporting Goods, others might charge a premium, especially if they offer more specialized services or products.

Additionally, the customer service experience in these smaller, more focused establishments can be more personalized, which can be a significant factor for many golfers.

Pros and Cons of DIY Regripping

DIY regripping is another option for those who prefer a hands-on approach.

The primary advantage of DIY regripping is cost-effectiveness.

Purchasing the grips and the necessary tools might be an upfront investment, but it can save money in the long run, especially for those who regrip frequently.

DIY regripping also allows for complete customization and flexibility in choosing grips.

However, the cons include the need for specific tools and skills.

Regripping requires precision and the right technique to ensure the grip is applied correctly and securely.

For beginners or those not mechanically inclined, this can be challenging and may result in less than satisfactory outcomes.

There's also the time commitment to consider, as DIY regripping can be time-consuming, particularly for those new to the process.

How to Choose the Best Regripping Service for Your Needs

Selecting the best regripping service requires considering several factors.

Firstly, assess your level of expertise and comfort with golf equipment.

If you're new to the sport or not particularly hands-on, professional services like those at Dick's Sporting Goods or local pro shops might be more suitable.

For those with more experience or who enjoy DIY projects, self-regripping could be a rewarding option.

Consider the type of service you're looking for. Are you seeking personalized advice and a wide range of specialized options?

In that case, a local pro shop or a specialized golf store might be the best fit.

If convenience and cost are your primary concerns, Dick's Sporting Goods or DIY might be more appropriate.

Lastly, think about the frequency of regripping. If you regrip often due to high usage or personal preference, investing in DIY tools and learning the skill could be more economical in the long run.

For occasional regripping, the convenience and expertise of a professional service might be more beneficial.

What to Consider Before Getting Your Clubs Regripped

Before taking the plunge into getting your golf clubs regripped, there are several key factors to ponder.

This decision isn't just about where to get the regripping done, but also involves understanding the expertise required, recognizing when specialized services might be needed, and appreciating the significance of grip quality and comfort.

Assessing the Level of Expertise at Dick's Sporting Goods

When considering Dick's Sporting Goods for regripping your clubs, it's important to evaluate the expertise available at their stores. While Dick's is known for a broad range of sporting goods services, the level of specialization in golf-specific services can vary between locations. Before committing, it’s a good idea to engage with the staff, asking about their experience with golf clubs specifically. Inquire about the types of clubs they have worked on, the variety of grips they are familiar with, and any specific training they have received in club maintenance. This conversation can give you a clearer picture of their capability to handle your specific regripping needs and ensure that your clubs are in knowledgeable hands.

When to Opt for Specialized Golf Shops

There are scenarios where opting for a specialized golf shop might be the better choice.

If you're a serious golfer with high-end clubs or specific performance needs, a specialized golf shop, such as PGA Superstore or Golf Galaxy, might offer the nuanced expertise you require.

These shops often employ staff who are not only enthusiasts but also deeply knowledgeable about the intricacies of golf equipment.

They can provide tailored advice on grip selection based on your playing style, grip size, and weather conditions you frequently play in.

Additionally, if you’re seeking a wider array of grip options or the latest advancements in grip technology, these specialized stores are more likely to fulfill these needs.

Importance of Grip Quality and Comfort

The quality and comfort of your golf grips are paramount.

A good grip can dramatically improve your game, offering better control and reducing hand fatigue.

When selecting grips, consider the material, texture, and size.

Grips come in various materials, from soft rubber to corded for better moisture management.

The texture and pattern of the grip can affect your feel and control of the club.

Also, the grip size should match your hand size for optimal comfort and performance.

Improper grip size can lead to poor swing mechanics and even injury.

Don't hesitate to ask for recommendations and try out different grips before making a decision.

Remember, a grip that feels comfortable and provides a solid hold in various conditions can significantly enhance your golfing experience.


In conclusion, choosing the right service for regripping your golf clubs is a decision that can significantly impact your game.

Whether you opt for the convenience and variety at Dick's Sporting Goods, the specialized expertise of a golf-specific store, or the personalized approach of DIY, each option offers its own set of benefits.

It's essential to consider factors like the level of expertise, cost, grip quality, and personal playing needs.

By carefully weighing these aspects, you can ensure that your golf clubs are not only well-maintained but also perfectly suited to enhance your performance on the green.