How Much Does It Cost To Ship Golf Clubs?

Shipping golf clubs can be quite a task, especially when considering costs.

On average, you might spend anywhere from $44.99 through services like Ship Sticks to as much as $500+ for overnight options with carriers like FedEx or UPS.

But what factors into these prices? If you're curious about the nitty-gritty behind these costs and how to navigate them wisely, read on for a comprehensive breakdown.

Understanding the Basics of Shipping Costs:

Embarking on the journey of shipping, especially valuable items like golf clubs, can feel a bit like navigating a maze.

Before you dive deep, it's essential to grasp the fundamentals.

So, let's unpack the basics, starting with some terms you'll frequently encounter and then examining the primary factors determining your shipping costs.

Definition of Basic Terms:

  1. Domestic Shipping: This refers to shipping within the same country. For instance, if you're sending your golf clubs from New York to California, that's domestic shipping.
  2. International Shipping: As the name suggests, this is when your shipment crosses international borders. Sending those clubs from the U.S. to the U.K.? That's international.
  3. Overnight Shipping: Need your clubs super-fast? Overnight shipping promises next-day delivery, usually by a certain time. It's perfect for last-minute decisions but does come with a steeper price tag.
  4. Standard Shipping: This is your regular, no-rush option. It's cost-effective but will take longer, often several days, depending on the distance.

Factors Affecting Shipping Costs:

  1. Weight: The heavier your package, the more you'll likely pay. If you're just shipping a putter, it's cheaper than an entire golf set. Some carriers might also have a “dimensional weight” system, which considers both the weight and the size of the package.
  2. Distance: Think of this as the journey your clubs are embarking on. A short trip within the same city or state will cost less than shipping across the country. And, as you might guess, international journeys, especially to remote destinations, are pricier.
  3. Shipping Speed: We touched on this above, but it's worth reiterating. The faster you want your clubs to arrive, the more you'll pay. Standard shipping might be gentle on your pocket, but if you're in a hurry, overnight or two-day shipping will come at a premium.

Major Carriers: What Do They Charge?

Sending your cherished golf clubs from one place to another requires trust.

You're not just looking for the best price, but also reliability.

Let's focus on three of the big players in the shipping world: FedEx, UPS, and USPS. Each has its own set of strengths, pricing structures, and service offers.


  • Overview of FedEx as a Carrier: FedEx, or Federal Express, is a household name, known for its timely deliveries and extensive network. Whether you're a business or an individual, FedEx offers a range of services tailored to various needs. Their air fleet is one of the largest in the world, ensuring that they can offer rapid, international deliveries alongside their domestic services.
  • Average Costs for Shipping Golf Clubs Domestically: With FedEx, sending golf clubs within the U.S. can be a bit pricey. Depending on the weight, size, and how quickly you need them delivered, costs can rise up to $100 each way. However, they offer a reliable tracking system and insurance options, adding an extra layer of security.


  • Introduction to UPS Shipping: The United Parcel Service, more commonly known as UPS, boasts a reputation of being one of the world's largest package delivery companies. With a rich history dating back to the early 1900s, UPS is synonymous with reliability. They have a vast array of services catering to both businesses and individual shippers.
  • Insight into the Expenses Associated with Using UPS for Golf Club Transportation: Like FedEx, UPS can also be on the pricier side when it comes to shipping golf clubs. The cost is comparable, but it's worth noting that UPS offers discounts for online booking and for members of their loyalty programs. Always check for any ongoing promotions or deals that might help cut down costs.


  • A Brief about United States Postal Service: The USPS, or the United States Postal Service, is an independent agency of the federal government. While it might not have the same corporate flair as FedEx or UPS, USPS is deeply rooted in American history and has been serving citizens since the days of Benjamin Franklin. They are often the go-to choice for regular mail and smaller packages.
  • Price Range When Choosing USPS: For those looking for a more budget-friendly option, USPS can be a contender. Though the prices vary based on weight and size, USPS typically offers competitive rates. If you're shipping a single club or a lighter set, you might find USPS to be a cost-effective choice. Plus, their flat-rate boxes can sometimes be a game-changer for those trying to save a few bucks.

Specialized Services: The Case of Ship Sticks

When dealing with something as specific as shipping golf clubs, sometimes the broader carriers might not tick all the boxes.

Enter specialized services, tailored to handle particular needs, and in the world of golf, one name stands out: Ship Sticks.

Let's venture into understanding what makes them unique and if they're the right fit for your golfing shipping needs.

  • Introduction to Ship Sticks and its Offerings: Ship Sticks, founded by golf enthusiasts, is a service laser-focused on one thing: ensuring your golf equipment gets from Point A to Point B with utmost care. Recognizing the challenges and costs associated with traveling with golf clubs or sending them via traditional carriers, Ship Sticks emerged to simplify the process. With a straightforward booking system, they pick up your clubs from your home, golf course, or business and deliver them to your destination of choice.
  • Comparing Costs: Why Ship Sticks Might Be a Better Option for Some: When you examine the numbers, Ship Sticks presents a compelling case. Their rates can start as low as $44.99 each way for domestic shipping. Now, contrast this with the potential $100 you might shell out with FedEx or UPS, and the savings become evident. Especially for those not in a super rush, who might not require overnight delivery, Ship Sticks can be a more budget-friendly option. But remember, it's not just about cost; it's the specialized handling and focus on golf equipment that often sways golfers their way.
  • Benefits of Using Specialized Services for Golf Club Shipping:
    1. Tailored Handling: Ship Sticks understands the nuances of golf equipment. Their packaging recommendations and handling processes are designed to ensure the safety of clubs throughout transit.
    2. Convenience: With door-to-door service, you avoid the hassle of lugging your clubs to a shipping center or through an airport. This is particularly handy when you're heading out for a golf vacation or tournament.
    3. Insurance: Knowing that mishaps can happen, Ship Sticks provides complimentary insurance coverage for your clubs, with the option to purchase additional coverage if needed.
    4. Tracking and Support: A dedicated tracking system and customer support team that's familiar with the quirks of transporting golf gear means you're always in the loop about your shipment's whereabouts.

Additional Costs and Considerations

While the upfront price of shipping your golf clubs may seem straightforward, the devil, as they say, is in the details.

Delving beneath the surface reveals a matrix of added expenses and considerations that can affect your final bill.

Let’s navigate this intricate landscape, highlighting essential areas like packaging, insurance, and those ever-elusive discounts.

Importance of Packaging: Protective Materials and Their Costs:

  • Why Packaging Matters: Imagine this – your prized golf clubs jostling about in a flimsy box, vulnerable to every knock and bump. Not a pretty picture, right? Proper packaging ensures your clubs arrive in the same condition they were sent.
  • Protective Materials:
    • Bubble Wrap: It's a cushion for your clubs. Wrapping each club ensures they're insulated from impact. A roll can cost anywhere from $5 to $20, depending on the length and quality.
    • Sturdy Boxes: Seek double-walled corrugated boxes for enhanced strength. Depending on size, these might set you back $5 to $15 each.
    • Packing Peanuts: These fill any voids in your box, preventing unwanted movement. A sizable bag can range from $10 to $30.
    • Packing Tape: Never skimp here. Securely sealing your package ensures it remains intact. A good quality roll typically costs around $3 to $7.

Insurance and Its Implications on Total Shipping Cost:

  • Why Insurance?: While we hope for the best, it's prudent to prepare for the worst. Insurance safeguards against potential loss or damage during transit.
  • Cost Implications: Most carriers offer a basic coverage level included in your shipping fee, often based on the declared value. If your clubs are dear (monetarily or sentimentally), consider additional insurance. This might cost a few extra dollars to a percentage of the declared value.
  • Claim Process: Always acquaint yourself with the claims process. In the unfortunate event of damage or loss, knowing the steps to take can expedite resolutions.

Potential Discounts: Membership Plans, Bulk Shipping, or Seasonal Offers:

  • Membership Plans: Many carriers offer loyalty programs or membership tiers. Joining might fetch you discounted rates, faster shipping, or other perks.
  • Bulk Shipping: If you're part of a golfing group or club, consider shipping multiple sets together. Carriers often offer reduced rates for bulk shipments.
  • Seasonal Offers: Keep an eye out for promotions, especially around holidays or off-peak seasons. Black Friday, Christmas, or summer sales can be golden opportunities to snag a deal.

Money-Saving Tips

Every golfer knows that the sport itself can be pricey, so when it comes to peripheral expenses like shipping your clubs, finding ways to save becomes paramount.

Much like nabbing that elusive birdie, saving money requires a bit of strategy and know-how.

  • Booking in Advance:
    • Why It Matters: Just as flight tickets tend to be cheaper when booked well in advance, shipping rates can also be more affordable if planned ahead.
    • Potential Savings: By scheduling your shipment a couple of weeks or even months in advance, you could sidestep the higher costs associated with last-minute or expedited shipping.
    • Peace of Mind: An added bonus? You won't be fretting about whether your clubs will reach their destination in time.
  • Comparing Different Services:
    • Shop Around: Before committing to a carrier, it's wise to get quotes from several services. Some might offer promotional rates, while others could have better bulk shipping deals.
    • Online Tools: Use comparison tools or aggregator sites. These platforms can quickly provide quotes from multiple carriers, making it easier to find the best deal.
    • Read Reviews: Price isn't the only factor. Check customer reviews to ensure the service is reliable and trustworthy.
  • Off-Peak Shipping:
    • Avoiding the Rush: Much like how airlines have peak seasons, shipping carriers have busier times. Shipping during off-peak periods, like mid-week or during certain months, can often fetch you better rates.
    • Flexibility is Key: If you're not in a rush, flexible dates can allow you to select the most cost-effective shipping window.
  • Using Available Discounts or Promotional Offers:
    • Membership Programs: As discussed earlier, loyalty or membership programs can lead to significant savings. If you ship frequently, this might be a route worth exploring.
    • Coupon Hunting: Websites and apps often offer promo codes or discounts for specific carriers. A quick search could yield a valuable coupon.
    • Ask Directly: Sometimes, just asking a service provider about ongoing promotions or potential discounts can lead to unexpected savings. It never hurts to inquire!


In the realm of shipping golf clubs, costs can be as varied as the courses you play on.

But with informed choices, from selecting specialized services to harnessing timely discounts, you can ensure your clubs' journey is as smooth as your swing, all without pinching your pocket too hard.

Happy golfing and savvy shipping!