How Many Golf Courses Are There In California?

California is a paradise for golf enthusiasts, boasting a stunning range of approximately 900 to 982 golf courses that cater to every level of play.

From the iconic cliffs of Pebble Beach to the desert landscapes of Palm Springs, the Golden State offers an unparalleled variety of golfing experiences.

Keep reading to dive deeper into what makes California's golf courses a must-visit for anyone looking to tee off in breathtaking settings, discover budget-friendly greens, or challenge themselves on championship courses.

The Landscape of Golf Courses in California

California's golf landscape is as vast and varied as the state itself, offering an impressive array of courses that highlight its natural beauty and diverse geography.

With nearly a thousand courses spread across the region, golfers of all preferences and skill levels can find their perfect match, whether they're seeking the serene backdrop of the Pacific Ocean or the unique challenge of a desert layout.

Overview of the Number of Golf Courses

California is home to approximately 900 to 982 golf courses, making it one of the states with the highest number of golf courses in the United States.

This impressive count includes a mix of public, private, and resort courses, ensuring accessibility for all types of golfers.

Whether you're a seasoned pro looking for a new challenge or a beginner eager to learn the ropes, there's no shortage of options.

The sheer volume of courses available means that booking a tee time that fits your schedule and preference is typically manageable, especially with a bit of planning.

The Diversity of Landscapes

One of the most remarkable aspects of golfing in California is the diversity of landscapes each course offers.

This variety not only provides stunning visuals but also presents unique challenges and experiences for golfers.

Here's a closer look at the types of landscapes you can expect:

  • Coastal Views: Courses like Pebble Beach Golf Links and Torrey Pines Golf Course are renowned worldwide for their breathtaking coastal views. Golfing alongside the Pacific Ocean, with its crashing waves and dramatic cliffs, adds an unforgettable backdrop to your game.
  • Desert Oases: For a completely different vibe, the desert courses of Southern California, such as those found in Palm Springs and Palm Desert, offer a stark beauty and unique challenges, including dealing with the desert winds and strategically placed bunkers amidst the cacti and palm trees.
  • Mountain Retreats: Northern California and parts of the Sierra Nevada provide golf courses with mountainous terrains, such as those near Lake Tahoe. These courses offer cooler temperatures, elevated tees, and fairways lined with towering pine trees, requiring golfers to adjust their game to the altitude and terrain.
  • Parkland and Inland Courses: Beyond the dramatic coastlines and desert landscapes, California boasts lush parkland and inland courses that offer a more traditional golfing experience. These courses are often dotted with oak and eucalyptus trees, providing a serene setting for a day on the green.
  • Urban Gems: Even within California's bustling cities, golfers can find their urban oasis. Courses like Rancho Park Golf Course in Los Angeles offer a green escape in the heart of the city, proving that you don't need to venture far from the urban sprawl to enjoy a round of golf.

Each type of landscape not only affects the visual experience but also the playability of the course.

Coastal courses may contend with ocean breezes, while desert play requires precision to avoid the unforgiving terrain.

Mountain courses challenge with elevation changes, and urban courses offer convenience and accessibility.

This diversity ensures that golfers can find courses that not only suit their skill level but also their aesthetic preferences and desire for varied play experiences.

Spotlight on Popular Golf Courses

California's golf courses are not just numerous; they are iconic, each with its own character, challenges, and history.

Among them, three stand out not only for their breathtaking beauty but also for their prestigious reputations and golfing pedigree.

Pebble Beach Golf Links, Torrey Pines Golf Course, and Pasatiempo Golf Club each offer a unique slice of golfing heaven, drawing players from around the world.

Pebble Beach Golf Links: Iconic Views and Championship History

Location & Setting: Nestled along the scenic Monterey Peninsula, Pebble Beach Golf Links is the crown jewel of California's coastal golf courses.

Its stunning vistas of the Pacific Ocean are unmatched, offering not just a game of golf but a communion with nature.

Historical Significance: Since opening in 1919, Pebble Beach has hosted numerous prestigious tournaments, including the U.S. Open five times, with more planned.

Its legacy is woven with moments of golf greatness, making it a pilgrimage site for golf enthusiasts.

Playing Experience: The course is famous for its challenging layout, particularly the 7th hole, one of the most photographed in the world.

Golfers face the ocean's breezes and strategically placed bunkers, demanding precision and strategy.

Visitor Information: While one of the pricier options, playing at Pebble Beach is considered a once-in-a-lifetime experience for many. Booking in advance is crucial, especially around tournament times.

The course is open to the public, but stay-and-play packages are recommended to secure a tee time.

Torrey Pines Golf Course: Coastal Challenge and U.S. Open Fame

Location & Setting: Located in La Jolla, near San Diego, Torrey Pines sits atop cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Its two courses, the South and North, offer stunning coastal views and a challenging game amidst the beauty of the Torrey pine trees.

Historical Significance: The South Course has hosted the U.S. Open Championship, solidifying its status as a championship venue.

Its rugged beauty and challenging play make it a favorite for professional and amateur players alike.

Playing Experience: The South Course, redesigned in 2001, provides a stern test with long fairways and deep bunkers.

The North Course, while slightly less daunting, offers a mix of scenic beauty and strategic play.

Visitor Information: Torrey Pines is a public course, making it more accessible than some of its peers.

Booking in advance is recommended, especially for the South Course. Residents of San Diego enjoy discounted rates, but the experience is worth the investment for visitors.

Pasatiempo Golf Club: Design Brilliance in the Santa Cruz Mountains

Location & Setting: Tucked into the Santa Cruz Mountains, with views stretching to Monterey Bay, Pasatiempo Golf Club is a semi-private course designed by the legendary Alister MacKenzie.

Its setting combines natural beauty with architectural brilliance.

Historical Significance: Opened in 1929, Pasatiempo has been ranked as one of the top courses in the country and was a favorite of MacKenzie himself.

It's a testament to timeless design, blending seamlessly with the landscape.

Playing Experience: The course is renowned for its challenging and undulating fairways, strategic bunkering, and fast, tricky greens.

It's a course that demands thoughtful play and rewards strategic thinking, offering a rewarding experience for golfers of all levels.

Visitor Information: While not as widely known as Pebble Beach or Torrey Pines, Pasatiempo offers an exceptional golfing experience with easier access and somewhat more affordable rates.

Advance booking is recommended, especially for weekend play.

Budget-Friendly Golfing in California

Golfing in California doesn't have to break the bank.

Despite its reputation for luxury courses and high-end experiences, the Golden State offers plenty of affordable options for those keen to enjoy the sport without a hefty price tag.

From scenic municipal courses to hidden gems offering competitive rates, budget-friendly golfing is plentiful if you know where to look.

Affordable Courses

1. Los Serranos Golf Club, Chino Hills

  • Overview: Los Serranos Golf Club in Chino Hills is a beacon for budget-conscious golfers. It offers two courses: the “Los Serranos Country Club” and the “Los Serranos Golf & Country Club,” each providing a distinct experience. The courses are known for their well-maintained fairways and greens, set against the backdrop of the rolling Chino Hills.
  • Rates: Green fees vary from $21 to $55, making it an excellent choice for those looking for value without compromising on quality. Rates can vary based on the time of day and week, with twilight and off-peak hours offering the best deals.

2. Rancho Park Golf Course, Los Angeles

  • Overview: Located in the heart of Los Angeles, Rancho Park Golf Course is a municipal course with a history of hosting professional tournaments. Despite its urban setting, the course offers a challenging layout that requires strategic thinking and skill.
  • Rates: With green fees ranging from $21 to $33, it's an accessible option for city dwellers or visitors looking to squeeze in a round without venturing too far from the city center.

3. San Dimas Canyon Golf Course, San Dimas

  • Overview: Nestled at the base of the San Gabriel Mountains, San Dimas Canyon Golf Course is praised for its scenic beauty and wildlife. The course layout includes a variety of challenging holes that cater to all skill levels.
  • Rates: Offering green fees from $20 to $35, San Dimas Canyon is another budget-friendly option that doesn’t skimp on the quality of the golfing experience.

Tips for Finding Good Deals and Best Times for Budget Golfing

1. Book at Off-Peak Times: Many courses offer lower rates during off-peak hours, such as late afternoons (twilight rates) or weekdays. Playing during these times can significantly reduce the cost of a round.

2. Utilize Online Booking Platforms: Websites and apps dedicated to golf bookings often feature special deals, last-minute offers, and exclusive discounts that aren't available elsewhere. Regularly checking these platforms can lead to substantial savings.

3. Look for Loyalty Programs and Memberships: Some courses offer loyalty programs or memberships that provide discounted rates, free rounds, or other perks to frequent players. These can be particularly valuable for local residents or those who visit frequently.

4. Consider Walking: Opting to walk the course instead of renting a golf cart not only saves money but also adds a healthy element to your round. Many courses reduce the fee for players who choose to walk.

5. Take Advantage of Group Deals: Playing in a group can sometimes unlock group rates or discounts, making it more affordable for everyone involved. Plus, it's an excellent opportunity to enjoy the game with friends or family.

Mid-Range Golfing Options

For those willing to spend a bit more for an enhanced golfing experience without venturing into luxury pricing, California offers a wealth of mid-range golfing options.

These courses strike an excellent balance between affordability and a premium experience, featuring beautiful landscapes, challenging layouts, and additional amenities.

Courses like Pacific Grove Golf Links and Morro Bay Golf Course exemplify this balance, providing memorable golfing experiences that won't empty your wallet.

Medium-Priced Courses

1. Pacific Grove Golf Links, Pacific Grove

  • Overview: Often referred to as the “Poor Man's Pebble Beach,” Pacific Grove Golf Links offers stunning ocean views and a back nine that rivals some of the best coastal courses in the world. The course layout combines classic links-style play on the front nine with dramatic seaside holes on the back nine, providing a diverse and enjoyable round.
  • Rates: Green fees at Pacific Grove are up to $78 plus $21 per cart rider. While higher than the budget options, these rates are a fraction of the cost of nearby premium courses, offering exceptional value for the experience.

2. Morro Bay Golf Course, Morro Bay

  • Overview: Known affectionately as the “Poor Man’s Pebble Beach,” Morro Bay Golf Course is situated within a state park, offering panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and Morro Bay Estuary. Its fairways are lined with mature trees, and the course layout presents a fair challenge to golfers of all levels.
  • Rates: With rates up to $59 plus $20 per cart rider, Morro Bay provides an affordable way to enjoy a high-quality golfing experience in a stunning natural setting.

Balancing Cost and Experience for the Moderate Budget

1. Prioritize Unique Features: When selecting a mid-range course, look for unique characteristics or settings that enhance the experience beyond what you'd find at a budget course.

This could be exceptional views, historical significance, or a renowned designer.

2. Check for Inclusive Deals: Some courses offer packages that include green fees, cart rentals, and even meals or access to practice facilities.

These bundles can provide additional value for your money, making the overall experience more enjoyable and cost-effective.

3. Consider the Timing: Similar to budget golfing, playing during off-peak times can also benefit those looking at mid-range courses.

Late afternoon or weekday rates are often lower, and the course may be less crowded.

4. Research and Compare: Take the time to research various courses and compare what they offer in terms of experience, amenities, and cost.

Reading reviews and checking ratings can help determine if a course offers the value you're seeking for your budget.

5. Membership and Loyalty Programs: If you find a mid-range course you particularly enjoy, inquire about membership or loyalty programs.

These can offer discounted rates, priority booking, and other perks that enhance the value of returning.

The Luxury Golf Experience

For golfers seeking the pinnacle of luxury and exclusivity, California's high-end golf courses offer unparalleled experiences that combine breathtaking scenery, meticulously designed courses, and world-class amenities.

Among these, Pebble Beach Golf Links and Pasatiempo Golf Club stand out as quintessential examples of luxury golfing, providing not just a round of golf but a memorable experience that justifies the splurge.

These courses cater to those who appreciate the finer aspects of the golfing world, from historic design to impeccable service.

High-end Options

1. Pebble Beach Golf Links, Pebble Beach

  • Overview: Pebble Beach is not just a golf course; it's a symbol of golfing prestige. Its stunning coastal location, rich tournament history, and iconic holes make it a must-play for serious golfers around the world. The course's fame and beauty draw players from all corners, making it a bucket-list experience for many.
  • Amenities and Services: Beyond the course, Pebble Beach offers luxurious accommodations, dining, and spa services, ensuring a comprehensive luxury experience. The resort's commitment to excellence is evident in every detail, from the course maintenance to the guest services.

2. Pasatiempo Golf Club, Santa Cruz

  • Overview: Designed by the legendary Alister MacKenzie, Pasatiempo is a semi-private course that offers a premium golfing experience steeped in history and design genius. The course is a testament to strategic layout and natural beauty, challenging golfers with its undulating fairways and complex greens.
  • Amenities and Services: While the focus is on the golf experience, Pasatiempo provides top-notch facilities and services that cater to the needs of its guests. The clubhouse and dining options offer comfort and luxury that complement the day on the course.

What Makes These Courses Worth the Splurge

1. Design and History: Both Pebble Beach and Pasatiempo boast designs by renowned architects and have hosted significant golf tournaments.

Playing on these courses is not just about the game; it's about walking in the footsteps of golf legends and experiencing history firsthand.

2. Natural Beauty and Setting: The locations of these courses are nothing short of spectacular, offering views and landscapes that enhance the golfing experience.

The natural beauty of the surroundings contributes to the overall enjoyment and challenge of the game.

3. Exclusivity and Service: The luxury golf experience is about more than just golf; it's about feeling like a valued guest from the moment you arrive.

The level of service, attention to detail, and exclusive amenities ensure that every aspect of your visit is exceptional.

4. Course Maintenance and Conditions: High-end courses invest significantly in maintaining pristine conditions, ensuring that fairways, greens, and facilities are in top shape.

This commitment to excellence ensures a superior playing experience.

5. Memorable Moments: Ultimately, what makes these courses worth the investment is the creation of memorable moments, whether it's conquering a challenging hole, enjoying the breathtaking views, or simply relishing the luxury of the experience.

Tips for Golfing in California

Golfing in California offers a myriad of experiences thanks to its diverse landscapes, climates, and course designs.

To make the most of your golfing adventure in the Golden State, a few tips can go a long way in enhancing your experience, ensuring comfort, and even saving money.

Booking Tee Times in Advance

Plan Ahead: Popular courses, especially in peak seasons, can get booked up quickly. Planning your golf outings and booking tee times well in advance can save you from missing out on playing at your desired courses.

Use Online Platforms: Many courses offer online booking options, which can be more convenient and sometimes even provide access to better rates or special offers not available elsewhere.

Consider Stay-and-Play Packages: For luxury resorts like Pebble Beach, booking a stay-and-play package can sometimes offer a better deal and guarantee tee times, which might be harder to secure as a non-resort guest.

Dressing and Preparing for the Climate

Layer Up: California’s weather can vary greatly from morning to afternoon and from coastal to inland areas. Dressing in layers allows you to adjust comfortably to changing conditions.

Sun Protection: Regardless of the area, the California sun can be strong. Wearing sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses will protect you from sunburn and ensure you enjoy your round from start to finish.

Waterproof Gear: If you’re playing in Northern California or during the cooler months, having waterproof gear can come in handy for dewy mornings or the occasional rain shower.

Exploring Beyond Well-Known Courses

Seek Out Hidden Gems: California is filled with lesser-known courses that offer beautiful settings and unique challenges without the crowds or high fees of the more famous courses.

Ask Locals for Recommendations: Locals can often point you towards great courses that might not make the top lists but offer fantastic golfing experiences.

Use Golf Apps and Websites: These resources can help you discover new courses based on your location, budget, and preferences, complete with reviews and ratings from other golfers.

Practicing Eco-Friendly Golfing

Follow Course Rules: Stick to designated paths, especially with golf carts, and respect the natural areas around the course to minimize your impact on the environment.

Support Sustainable Courses: Many California courses are taking steps to reduce water usage, protect wildlife habitats, and implement sustainable maintenance practices. Choosing these courses supports their efforts and the environment.

Dispose of Trash Properly: Always take your trash with you or dispose of it in provided bins, especially when it comes to plastic wrappers and cigarette butts, to keep the course clean and safe for wildlife.

Taking Advantage of Twilight Rates

Enjoy Lower Rates: Many courses offer discounted rates for late afternoon or early evening play, known as twilight rates. This can be a great way to enjoy golf at a lower cost.

Experience Cooler Temperatures: During the summer, playing during twilight hours can be more comfortable, avoiding the midday heat.

Catch a Sunset Round: There’s something special about playing as the sun sets, offering not just a cost-saving but a beautiful end to your day.


Golfing in California offers an unparalleled array of experiences, catering to every preference and budget.

From the iconic fairways of Pebble Beach to the hidden gems tucked away in the state's diverse landscapes, there's something for every golfer in the Golden State.

By planning ahead, embracing the local climate and culture, exploring beyond the well-trodden paths, and adopting eco-friendly practices, you can make the most of what California's golf courses have to offer.

Whether you're seeking luxury, adventure, or just a peaceful day on the greens, California's golfing scene is ready to exceed your expectations and provide memorable moments on the course.